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I'm fully booked...

Well, I have finally been lured back to full time work, making exciting online applications...

In the mean time, just a quick note - it took me years to find a website hosting company that was consistantly helpful and responsive and that had not been swallowed up by the hosting overlords (123 reg, easyspace [who ironically are really not easy], etc).

Heart Intenet do not have a phone answering service, but they do respond to emails in about 20 minutes, 24hours, and they are UK based.  I very much recommend.  And if you buy via their advert here, I get a kickback!!

Latest Website:

Alke Schmidt
Another bespoke site for an artist.  Brand new gallery code...

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The Future's Bright.  The Future's 3D.

Enough doom and gloom.  Yes there's a recession, but while we're alive, damn it, we will work!

  • So now is the time to send that last minute e-card to clients. 
  • Now is the time to start talking to us about a redesign or brand new website functions. 
  • Yes, you do need that events booking system.
  • Yes, a news feature that automatically generates RSS feeds for your users is essential now. 

Come on London.  Dust yourself down, stand up straight and shout:

"Fluster Design, we need you now!"

About Fluster Design >>>

Sometimes it gets a bit frustrating when clients want another 'corporate style' website, when you have been dreaming for ages that someone would ask for a 3D website.  But it never happens, so I am grabbing the slightly blurry bull by the horns and adding the extra dimension to my own website.

Drop me a line if you want a pair of Fluster 3D glasses, or you can make your own using this template and some sweet wrappers.  There are lots of methods here.


Handmade by fluster.

That about sums it up.  It's not easy to be an artist.
When you graduate, you say to yourself:
"Right, now, that was fun, what's next?  Do I get a small flat and make sculpture from belly-button fluff, or do I get a job and sell my soul?". 

Personally I just ran away to the other side of the world for a couple of years.  When I came back, I was a
website designer

Hooray!  Brilliant middle ground, creative, but pays the bills. 

Everything I do is handmade, each website is carefully built to client specifications, and hand coded and designed; nothing out of a box, no stock photography.

In terms of my artwork, I make first, and think later.  I need my hands to be busy.

In my artwork section you will find details of the exhibition I have for the 2010 E17 Art Trail, in my website section you will see some of the websites I have made recently.
Then you can find out more about what I do in the services pages, and how I do it in the Blog.

What now?  After Fluster in 3D, live can be a little dull.  Flat.

Fret not, checkout this little plugin for Mozilla, that turns the whole internet 3D...
and you can checkout the 3D movies on youtube: