When even is Easter?

It’s been a REALLY weird year. Christmas is a fixed point, however odd it was last year, but Easter is really driven by the school holidays. But there is no school, so I have an impending sence that there is another holiday coming, but it will pass like all of those in the last 12 months, with a squeak not a fanfare.

So when I was thinking about what to try out with my Hobbeycraft 3mm plywood (half of it is a bit warped, so not an ideal supplier for laser board) I decided to try easter bunnies.

Anyhow, short post; here they are Forest Friends, Crazy Bunnies. These are brooches with a pin on the reverse, stained with painting inks and varnished.

Gorge, no? You can pick one up from my Etsy shop. There will be a range of Forest Friends (there is a story there, but it can wait), but starting with bunnies.