Firing Notes.

So I use a microwave kiln, there is no thermometer, so it’s a little hit and miss, but I think I have the sweet spot for Mayco Stroke & Coat.

Mayco Stroke and Coat, 3 layers outside, 1 or 2 inside.
2 coats S&C, 2 coats cobblestone.

darker base shows better..15 mins/15 mins.. Try thicker cobblestone. No good on the yellow.

Terracotta. No underglaze, 2 coats clear

15mins/15mins. It’s smooth and shiney but maybe could be a little smoother. Add 2 more mins next time.

Clear glaze, 3 coats blue, 3 stippled cobblestone, 2coats orange, 2 coats citrus splash (too many large crystals)
3 coats white then dunked into Blue Azure and left to drip and dry. Small amount of movement in firing.
Glazing notes. Saturday 30th April 2022