Raku Experiments…

I really have no idea what I’m doing. It’s what I love about making stuff in my kitchen, there is no-one to tell me how to do things the correct way, so I make it up!

This week. Raku firing. 2 Youtube videos later, I’m a freaking expert.

So I have this cobblestone glaze, as it fires it contracts and cracks, perfect for some Raku tests.

There are lots of variants with pottery, raku included. I don’t have any raku-specific glazes – these often shift colour and some go metallic depending on the process, but I don’t have any of these yet.

With Raku, you take the hot pot and dump it into something that will burn and then restrict the oxygen. The smoke affects the pot and you get unpredictable results. But without raku glazes all I could hope for is for the unglazed parts to go black, which is why the cobblestone should work.

Anyhow, a syrup tin, a torn-up egg carton, and boom!