I waited for ages before I bought myself specialty glazes that I had been lusting after.

Raku Copper Metalic and Transparent Crackle. I enjoyed how reliable and repeatable the Stroke & Coat glazes were, so am really disappointed how I can’t get these to work. Take a look at All-going-wrong to check out the firing notes for the tiles.

So here we go again. 4 new pots. All bisque fired. This time I’m trying sawdust instead of newspaper as my combustible. Let’s see what happens…

So we have:

  • 1x Unfired black with 2x Copper Metalic
  • 1x Fired black with 2x Copper Matalic
  • 2x Copper Matalic
  • 1x Blue Yonder with 3x clear crackle.

Fired the 4 copper ones for 22mins, dropped them in sawdust, covered in sawdust.

Hmmm. They are interesting, and shiney in a sort of metalic way, but way off copper. Over black they are really dark green, they look finished, and only boiling when over bare bisqware. Really dark. I think I’ll have a go over clear and white.. See what happens, but I’m suspecting I will just end up with lighter green as happened with the tiles.

So what happened here? First fire, can’t remember conditions. I think maybe pre-raku black, 22mins, brown paper reduction; came out coppered.

Maybe I just need to get myself some Copper penny glaze..


Full post to come