Adventures in Slipcasting: Part 3

Feels like ages since I should have posted this. The paper cups were intended as espresso/shot cups, but after shrinkage, they were too small (my white clay shrinks more than my terracotta), so back to the drawing board.

Something new. 3D printed originals, scaled 10% bigger than needed, made into a mold for casting.

Here’s a quick image montage:

I think they are lovely… I showed them to friends. They said they needed saucers.


To start with I was going to make slip-cast molds, but these would need to be 2 part, and quite delicate… So I had a think and decided on press molds former. A 3d printed version of the inside of the saucer that wet clat in presses into/down with – back to Blender. Initially, I thought I wanted hexagonal saucers until I saw them! Round it is.

The clay is dusted with cornflour to stop it from sticking, then the former is pressed down into it on top of some foam. Then I defined the foot a little better with my fingers and popped it off to dry.


I’m not going to all this effort for saucers without spoons. So, Blender again. This time, a cutter, and a former for them to dry on, 4 at a time. I’m in love.

So far I have gifted some of these, but not got around to adding them to Etsy. I need to get on top of this…

Here’s a link to all the 3D-printed parts I made..