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“Lets make Christmas Presents”

I said in November… Biiiigggg mistake. Little One had just watched a video of someone making an AmongUs figure, and he wants to make one for everyone in his class. We crack on, but thankfully there is a Global Pandemic and the schools close so we have more time. Then time passes and its easter holidays. OK.. Time to finish.… Read more →

Finally Copper Plating.

It takes me a while to build up to stuff and collect bits… I have been thinking about this since at least April last year. A scavenged bit of copper pipe from the street Conductive paint Copper Sulfate (I bought a load for this any crystal making) Variable bench power supply (waited for a pandemic to bring my work home!)… Read more →

DIY Conductive Paint.

So, I’m a bit of a cheapskate, but also I like to know how stuff works. A while back I got the kids paper and conducting paint kits where they build little houses with LED lights in. I loved this, but the paint is expensive. It’s good and works well, but pricy… So OBVS, I was going to make some… Read more →

Dads Lockdown School

March / April / May 2020. It’s a weird time. Loads of social media is full with posts about learning new skills, making bread and how bored everyone is. I’m one of the lucky ones; my job functions fully from home and as I write, we have been for nearly 2 months. So I’m totally not complaining, the kids are… Read more →

Easter Hols…

What to do?  What to do? Latest obsession: Electroplating… Thing 1 was showing off our home grown crystals at school today, they had been making copper sulphate crystals.  This got us talking and we got extited about copper plating stuff. Checking out this video, it looks simple enough; we have copper sulphate, so all we need is a length of… Read more →