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Mapping Wasps

We are into the second year with the Big Wasp Survey, and as I type members of the public are being invited into help identify the thousands of wasps that have been sent in. I used Google MyMaps to present the 2017 results on a lovely whizzy mappy interface.. Check it out.  It’s most fun with a big touchscreen. Read more →

The Big Wasp Survey

I’m very pleased to have built website for a couple of old friends, ran in Late summer 2017 to collect citizen science data on UK wasp population. Over 2300 people registered to take part. I made a bespoke WordPress plugin for this site to manage the database calls as well designing and building the site and making all the wasp… Read more →

Crash and burn.

My old faithful hosting company Cheapnet Internet has just gone under…  Been with them for a good 12 years, man and boy…   So if my website looks a bit ‘shonky’ or lacks content for a bit, just sit tight…  I’m rebuilding.  It’s quite traumatic… Read more →

E17 Art Trail

I started the E17 Art Trail in 2005 with Laura Kerry. It’s a bit unique, and a bit fabulous.  Basically, it provides a framework for all of Walthamstow’s creative community to get out and show everyone what they can do. It started with 50 listings, with about 75 people exhibiting, and by 2015 we had 4000 participants in 350 events.… Read more →

STA Australia Cashflex Card

I did this site while working for Tuxedo Money Solutions.   One of Tuxedo’s major clients is STA – The Student Union Association and this site was the start of a new set of business for them.   I was given single page template and spun it up into a multi-page registration system and a set of secure pages for… Read more →

Website For Alke Schmidt

Artist Alke Schmidt had a really clear idea of what she wanted and we are both pleased with the the results. After the impactfull splash page, the majority of the website is made up of galleries with a lightbox feature.  This site is a fully bespoke system, using my own CMS for text and image management.       Built… Read more →

Social Firms Info Mine

This site was a wonderful challenge.  Funded by University of Middlesex and the social business sector, I had a number of masters to please.  Thankfully they were all lovely people, and our meetings were fun and focussed.   The clients had gathered loads of useful information and written lots of highly specific reports in the Social Firms sector; they needed… Read more →

Helen Maurer

I created this site for artist Helen Maurer. Like a lot of artists, Helen has a very clear idea of how she wanted her site to look, but it took us quite a while to get it from an idea to site that everyone was pleased with. The site has 2 sides, light and dark, and each is formatted exactly… Read more →