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We ran a Kickstarter for our project Ethan the Explorer, and succeeded!  So many supportive people in the independent games sector.  Click on over to the project website for more details…


Ethan The Explorer, The Game

Introducing “Ethan The Explorer, the Game”. Working with my 8yo collaborator, with insights from the 11 year old one, I present OurFirstGame. It’s at the early stages, only one level so far, and I haven’t got the artwork for the KillerMole Boss, but it’s definitely started. Made with Unity and using C#, it’s a great change from balances and wallet… Read more →

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And Now For Something Completely Different.

After 4 years of FinTech, my mind wonders to more frivolous things, so I’m having a play with JavaScript games. I bought myself a little Udemy Course ages ago, and have just got round to finishing it… Nothing special or unique, but it was fun to do. Read more →

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