The Perfect Expresso Cup…

I love the whole process of 3D printing to slip casting, but it does take a while, so I’d love it if it was perfect the first time… Pah!

I have this lovely Expresso cup; beautiful, but the maximum size I can fire is only 4cm tall, so it’s only a single-shot cup. I want a double at work, so need something with more capacity..

I had a very productive lunchtime chat with a colleague and came up with a design. Same octagonal shape, but with straight sides and a little foot. This means I can make it a little wider, and the flat sides mean more coffee!!

In Blender, I made the positive ready for 3D printing. There is a very slight width difference between the top and the bottom, but not much.

Photo montage time..

No good…

Maybe I just de-molded too soon, but it’s ripped some of the mold off… I think I need to re-make with more of an angle on the side; wider at the top, narrower at the bottom. I’ll try one more time before starting over!