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Some blues…

Just to keep track of my blues. All Mayco. These are all on red clay, bisque fired first. Not sure about the crackles… 2 issues… 1. The rust colour, while lovely is not intentional, must be colour seeping through from the clay when it fiees. Not seen this before. 2. Not a lot of crackles. I do know the cracks… Read more →

Water Bombs Bowls

I saw a video on Instagram, it looked so simple. Luckily you can trust what you see online. haha. Not simple, out of about 8 I have 3 left to fire. Let’s see what happens. They are sooo thin. I loaded up the glaze inside and out to make them a little thicker. No idea if they would stand up… Read more →

The Perfect Expresso Cup…

I love the whole process of 3D printing to slip casting, but it does take a while, so I’d love it if it was perfect the first time… Pah! I have this lovely Expresso cup; beautiful, but the maximum size I can fire is only 4cm tall, so it’s only a single-shot cup. I want a double at work, so… Read more →

Adventures in Slipcasting: Part 3

Feels like ages since I should have posted this. The paper cups were intended as espresso/shot cups, but after shrinkage, they were too small (my white clay shrinks more than my terracotta), so back to the drawing board. Something new. 3D printed originals, scaled 10% bigger than needed, made into a mold for casting. Here’s a quick image montage: I… Read more →

Specialties: Copper Metallic & Copper Penny

I really wish I write something down last year!! It took ages, but finally got it working. They were all going green because the copper oxidised too quickly. This part of raku needs to be starved or oxygen. I was using a pot with airholes because the lid kept popping off. This works for naked raku where all we need… Read more →


I waited for ages before I bought myself specialty glazes that I had been lusting after. Raku Copper Metalic and Transparent Crackle. I enjoyed how reliable and repeatable the Stroke & Coat glazes were, so am really disappointed how I can’t get these to work. Take a look at All-going-wrong to check out the firing notes for the tiles. So… Read more →

All going wrong!!

So 8 months into my new pottery life, and suddenly it’s all going wrong. I got some specialty glazes and they don’t behave as nicely at the Mayco Stroke and Coat So it’s time to get organised. I have fired a bunch of test tiles in the 2 clays I have, and am about to start my glaze library… So… Read more →