E17 Art Trail

art trailI started the E17 Art Trail in 2005 with Laura Kerry.

It’s a bit unique, and a bit fabulous.  Basically, it provides a framework for all of Walthamstow’s creative community to get out and show everyone what they can do.

It started with 50 listings, with about 75 people exhibiting, and by 2015 we had 4000 participants in 350 events.  It totally takes over my postcode for 3 weeks in June.

At the start, I was involved in running the project and the website, but for the last couple of years, I have not been involved, and the website is under new management.

By June each year, the site is a massive listing database with images and details on all the events and exhibitions.  There is a flexible search system and it’s connected to a powerful mailing database to power the communications.  But that’s just the end point.  Starting in about December of January, we clear off the previous year’s participants and switch on the registrations.  So all of Walthamstow’s creative community can register their listings, pay their fee (Paypal) and edit the details of what they are up to.

PHP, MySQL, PHPList (emailer).  Bespoke CMS.