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“Lets make Christmas Presents”

I said in November… Biiiigggg mistake. Little One had just watched a video of someone making an AmongUs figure, and he wants to make one for everyone in his class. We crack on, but thankfully there is a Global Pandemic and the schools close so we have more time. Then time passes and its easter holidays. OK.. Time to finish.… Read more →

Sunday Lunch?

So I have a tiny flat and it’s full of half-finished projects. When the kids are with me, I try to keep the kitchen table for food and board games. But on the weekends that they are at their mums, it’s my makerspace. I know what I’m having for lunch, there is just no space at the moment for lunch;… Read more →

When even is Easter?

It’s been a REALLY weird year. Christmas is a fixed point, however odd it was last year, but Easter is really driven by the school holidays. But there is no school, so I have an impending sence that there is another holiday coming, but it will pass like all of those in the last 12 months, with a squeak not… Read more →

My Dark Heart.

A lifetime ago, I last saw the girl who first broke my heart on valentines day. She gave me a packet of sweet watches – a bit of a jab about timekeeping. By the time I was smarting from my second broken heart, I had me a 3D printer and the unfinished first project that I was never happy with… Read more →


As a single Dad, I have a suport bubble with friends over the road. So I took Bertha over to them saturday. Simon had said something about wanting to engrave a chopping board. When I got there, there was a different plan. A scavenged table was to become a chessboard. Their young son had just started playing chess. Having spent… Read more →

Hello World.

I finally did it and got a cheapish Laser Cutter from Banggood. I read lots of the comments and everyone said it was amazing. It came in the week, but I was a very good boy and didn’t get distracted from work. So this weekend, I cracked it open and built it. It’s a steep learning curve, I hate it… Read more →

Animations in Salem

It’s been a busy year for my friend artist Zarah Hussain, most notibly the upcoming exhitition commissioned and hosted by the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, USA. It seems this is a sort of a cross between the V&A and British Museum, with a very interesting public commissioning programme. ‘Breath‘ is open from December 19th 2020 to June 2021. There… Read more →

Occupying my brain.

2020 has been a blast so far, right? I’m lucky, my job has been fully remote since March, so I haven’t stopped working. The downside is that I haven’t stopped working. Some weeks it’s great, others there is so much to do and so little time to switch off. The days with back-to-back video calls are completely exhausting. Anyhow, I’m… Read more →

Finally Copper Plating.

It takes me a while to build up to stuff and collect bits… I have been thinking about this since at least April last year. A scavenged bit of copper pipe from the street Conductive paint Copper Sulfate (I bought a load for this any crystal making) Variable bench power supply (waited for a pandemic to bring my work home!)… Read more →

DIY Conductive Paint.

So, I’m a bit of a cheapskate, but also I like to know how stuff works. A while back I got the kids paper and conducting paint kits where they build little houses with LED lights in. I loved this, but the paint is expensive. It’s good and works well, but pricy… So OBVS, I was going to make some… Read more →