All going wrong!!

So 8 months into my new pottery life, and suddenly it’s all going wrong.

I got some specialty glazes and they don’t behave as nicely at the Mayco Stroke and Coat

So it’s time to get organised. I have fired a bunch of test tiles in the 2 clays I have, and am about to start my glaze library…

So first batch:

  1. Mayco Foundations red on the front, foundations black on the back
  2. S&C Blue Yonder front, Bellisssimo Limelicious on the back
  3. Mayco Copper Metalic on the front, Mayco transparent crackle on the back. Not going to use the raku pot for this fire, I want to see what it does without.

Fired in an 800w microwave in a large kiln, 32 minutes, same as works reliably for Stroke and Coat.

Fronts: Red, blue copper.

At least the copper is consistent. This is what I saw in the other test fires after the raku combustion stage. So very different on different clays.

Backs: Black, green, crackle.

With the crackle, I dropped them into water when hot, but I’ll give it a couple of days for the cracks to develop before adding acrylic ink to highlight them.
Glad that the Foundations and Bellisssimo like to be fired the same as Stroke & Coat.

More copper.

Ok, more copper tests.

On white: 3 coats copper front, 2 on the back
On terracotta: 3 coats copper front, on back, 2 coats S&C yellow, 2 coats copper

  • ‘4’ tiles: 12 mins, no reduction.
  • ‘5’ tiles: 22 mins, reduced in tin with brown paper.
2 different clays, 3 different firing times…

Aaaarhhgggg. Still not working! The 22 and 32mins are quite similar. The ones that I reduced have a sort of metallic sheen, but no sign of copper!!!

Going to throw a strop and stop for now.

Days pass. Try again.

Ok, 2 more tilesets.

Fronts: 1layer copper on the left, 2 on the right. 6s were 16 mins, 7s were 20.

The tiles on white shoneware both bubbled. Didn’t see this pattern before.

Backs: 2 coat yellow, 1&2 coats copper.

No bubbling!!! These are all definitely Metalic. No difference 1or 2 coats copper

So new test… previously fired pots…

Ok .. some success. Still some bubbling, don’t know if this means too hot or not hot enough!!