DIY Conductive Paint.

So, I’m a bit of a cheapskate, but also I like to know how stuff works.

A while back I got the kids paper and conducting paint kits where they build little houses with LED lights in. I loved this, but the paint is expensive. It’s good and works well, but pricy…

So OBVS, I was going to make some myself… This is a long term thing; I gradually collect supplies until I’m ready to embark on an (enforced) family activity.

I got some graphite powder off the internet which sat on the shelf for months. Then I found some clear PVA glue in wilko. It’s clear because its “perfect for making slime”, but PVA is PVA, right? Clear would mean it wouldn’t colour the finish of the paint.

FAB. We mixed quite a lot of graphite into some glue and it made a good mix. We haven’t tested it’s conductivity, that’s to come, but we started painting things to prep for this activity.


Its good and conductive, but weirdly for PVA, it’s not water proof. I guess the kid safe slime version is washable. Win for soft furnishings, big lose for copper plating!